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What is reincarnation?
Reincarnation literally means to be "made flesh again".

This doctrine represents one of the possibilites of "what happens after death":
According to it, the body dies, but a part of the living being survives the death and is reborn in a new body.
A new personality is developed during each new life, but some part of the self always remains from the past lives.

Religion or Science?
The doctorine of reincarnation had existed for centuries.
But only recently, in the last few decades, the doctorine of reincarnation has taken a sharp turn from religion to science.

Some researchers have explored the issue of reincarnation to depth.
The most detailed collection of personal reports in favor of reincarnation have been published by Professor Ian Stevenson.
Ian Stevenson spent over 40 years studying children who have apparently spoken about a past life.

Despite his many interesting findings, skeptics are critical of his work and say that more research is needed.
Nowdays, more and more people in the West develop a belief in reincarnations.

What's the truth then?

There is a chance that our soul dies after death.
Everything disappears.
You fall asleep and never wake up again.

However, if Ian Stevenson was right,
you will be reborn and reincarnated as another living organism.

What do you believe?
Which would you prefer?
Have you got anything to lose?

Will you at least do the minimum you can, just in case?
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