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Next Life Certificate

Registration costs as much as you want it to!
For as little as 0.00$ you can register the next life for yourself or for a loved one.

How important is it to you?
How much would you invest in yours or your loved one's next life?

Your own certificate!
After registering you will receive a certificate (depending on the price) ensuring the next life of you or your beloved in the reincarnation database!

  • Free online certificates
  • Shippable paid certificates
  • All genuine and authentic!
  • Place in your office!
  • Great as a gift!
  • Buy for a loved one!

  • Select a life form.
  • Choose a Certificate type.
  • Choose the certificate's value!
    (The amount of money paid will be displayed on the certificate to signify its value)
More valuable certificates are a better assurance for your Next Life.

Connection link with the reincarnation life after death database

Validation ImageFull Name Name to register
Validation ImageNext Life Form
Validation ImageOther Life Form Only if chosen Other *
Validation ImageBirth CountryCountry to be born in
Validation ImageFree TextAdditional requests to be registered
Examples: 'Happy', 'Popular', 'Rich'
Validation ImageCertificate TypeType of Next Life Certificate
Validation ImagePayment AmountCertificate value
Registration is done securely using Paypal. All you need is a credit card.

Note: Greater valued certificates place your request higher in the database, thus improving your chance for a better next life.

Free Text examples:
  • Happy
  • Rich
  • Powerful
  • Famous
  • Be born to the same parents.
  • Close to a loved one [name] from this life.

Who knows, maybe your past life had registered before and that's why you are who you are today?

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