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Reincarnation: What do you believe?

It is our belief that our intentions or lack of them have a great influence over our lives.
These intentions will lead to changes in this life as well as the next, your reincarnation.

If we are wrong, then you are obviously wasting precious time here. Time you cannot spare.
Because if we are wrong, the only time you have left is slowly fading away until death knocks at your door.

However, if we are right, your intention will be carved in stone and gloriously guide you through this life and onto the next.

What do you believe?
What would you prefer?
Will you at least do the minimum you can, just in case?
Even if it means spending a few minutes in this life?

Not happy in this life???
A significant part of your self remains with you in your next life, why not start working on it now?
Live your current life to the fullest and expect greatness in your next life!

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