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We've finally gone online!

The Department of Next Life
The Department of Next Life is located around the ancient and holy city of Jerusalem.
We are no longer accepting faxes or requests in print.

Our offices are still open to the public, though we highly recommend using the online services.
All of our services including the after-life reincarnation database are now accessed using the internet.
  • Less waiting time, stamps and distance for you.
  • Less paperwork for us.
  • More rain-forests for everyone!

The After Life Database of Reincarnation
The After Life Database consists of countless records of offline next-life registrations.
We have recently started processing and uploading the records to the internet.

Because of the database's size, this is an extremely time consuming process.
No need to worry about past offline registrations as we are triple checking each and every record so we do not make a mistake.

Past Offline Registrations
If you have registered offline in person or by using fax or mail, feel free to e-mail us so we can send you your new personal registration number that will work on the internet!

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The Department of Next Life Insurance and Reincarnations

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